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Gorgeous Julie Frame Falk!

Julie Frame Falk

Dear All

Herewith links to my final versions of the Z58 – Z63 Project’s Surname SNP Trees.

Z58 et al: https://www.box.com/s/xwow52kps1remybi12wg

Z63 et al: https://www.box.com/s/fvzeix8ap4me9ridfd72

Today I am retiring from administration work in relation to haplogroup projects.

Paul Stone is taking over the helm at the I1>Z58 and I1>Z63 Project. I thank Paul sincerely, wish him well and will enjoy being among his membership as he takes the project forward. It is well past time for me to cut back my activity and whatever energy can still be mustered will be devoted to my two remaining surname projects. Having said that I will very much enjoy watching the progress with the SNPs in the Z58 and Z63 sectors, since they are very important to my Frames.

My original goal in drawing the SNP trees with surnames was to attempt to make is easier for laymen to find their place in our sectors of the yTree, and to determine for themselves which SNP test opportunities were available to them. I think it worked to a certain degree, but the Z58 branch has now grown so large. Going forward, I think the compact trees such as those drawn by Ken Nordtvedt, Terry Robb and Aleksandr Shtrunov (who first inspired me to draw my trees) will well and truly cover our sectors.

I would like to make a special request to Aleksandr: Would you please consider posting a copy of your trees to the Z58 – Z63 Mailing List? Many thanks. I think our members would very much appreciate them – I know I do! :)

Thanks to all of our Z58-Z63 members for your cooperation. You never let us down when volunteers were called for and I look forward to more discoveries in the not too distant future.

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