вторник, 18 декабря 2012 г.

I1 in Italy

A new article on Italy - Uniparental Markers of Contemporary Italian Population Reveals Details on Its Pre-Roman Heritage (Brisighelli 2012). Unfortunately the authors did not check the M253, which is a bad form. However, the article is on STR haplotypes can predict haplogroup I1.

 I got the following data from I1 in Italy:
 As we see the greatest frequency of I1 in northern Italy, which is quite expected.

Commercial walk through some results, that in Italy the representation of different subclades I1 (Z139 +, Z140 +, Z382 +, Z63 +, P109 +). Also, many of those who did not check the new SNP. http://www.semargl.me/ru/dna/ydna/country/119/4/
Haplogroup I1 good views to the north and the south of Italy, in the center is almost there.

 It is surprising that, according to Article (Brisighelli 2012) are not found in Sicily I1. Although sales data and the article (Di Gaetano 2009) show that in Sicily I1 that stands quite well.

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