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Gypsy I1

Genetic Structure of the Paternal Lineage of the Roma People Horolma Pamjav et al.

Haplogroups I1-M253 and I2a-P37.2. Twenty-two haplotypes from the five Roma groups and twelve from the Iberian Roma were included in the network of haplogroup I1-M253 (Fig. 1F). The modal haplotype was shared by all six Roma groups, while most Iberian haplotypes lay within two steps of the modal haplotype (Fig. 1F).

Haplogroup I (M170) is widespread over Europe but virtually absent elsewhere, including the Near East, suggesting that it arose in Europe (Rootsi et al., 2004). I1-M253 chromosomes were detected at relatively high frequencies in all six Roma groups compared, and 61.8% of these males share a modal haplotype (Fig. 1F), suggesting a common origin of the Roma as well. According to Gusma˜o et al. (2008), the I1-M253 marker occurred at different proportions in Roma groups compared to their host populations, but can be explained by genetic drift.

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