воскресенье, 20 января 2013 г.

Moldavian I1

A new article by Alexander Varzari Moldovans - "Paleo-Balkan and Slavic Contributions to the Genetic Pool of Moldavians: Insights from the Y Chromosome". However, the data in the article are old and have long been known from other works of the author.

 In an earlier article "Varzari 2006 Population History of the Dniester-Carpathians Evidence from Alu Insertion and Y-Chromosome Polymorphisms" we see the same data, but with samples of the Gagauz.

 Just from this author published an article - "Varzari 2009 Searching for the Origin of Gagauzes Inferences from Y-Chromosome Analysis". It contained data only for Gagauz.

Unfortunately long Moldavian haplotypes there are also no conclusions difficult to draw. However undoubtedly it is possible to tell that the main share of I1 in this region can be connected with movements of a tribe of Goths to times "Migration Period".

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